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Founded by two sisters with a passion for aviation, Air Courtage has been a client and service focused insurance broker for over two decades.


Most of our multicultural and international team of over 30 members is located at our headquarters in Saint Vulbas on the East side of Lyon in France. We also have offices in Switzerland, Spain, and the United Kingdom.


Since 2022 we have decided to partner with the Fillet Alhard group in order to provide them with our industry expertise and gain in commercial and operational efficiency.

Our company culture aims to be effective in the delivery of our expertise to support our clients’ needs and demands.

Air Courtage is a family-owned business with a strong commitment to providing efficient and proactive insurance solutions.

Our team is educated and trained with the most stringent industry standards. We take pride in fully complying with the European, Swiss and UK industry standards.


Air Courtage Private Insurance, our branch dedicated to private aviation, supports the insurance needs of private jet owners, operators, repair stations, airports, heliports, and any of the services related to point-to-point aviation needs.

We provide insurance solutions for all the major private jet manufacturers such as Dassault, Cessna, Embraer, Bombardier Gulfstream or Pilatus. We also provide such solutions for turboprop manufacturers including Piaggio, Beechcraft, TBM, PC12 and others. Furthermore, we can also provide insurance solutions to Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) and Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) from ACJ TwoTwenty models to larger BBJ777s.

From ACJs and BBJs to very light jets, our 23 years of experience in insurance placement and in the management of claims has been possible thanks to a committed team and strong technologically driven investment.

From Falcon 8X, Falcon 7X, Global 7500, Global 6500, G650ER in the long-range category, Falcon 2000 original to 2000LXS, Challenger 650, 605, Challenger 350, Praetor 600 in the large and super midsize jet category, to Cessna Citation XLS, CJ4 Gen2, CJ3, CJ2, M2 and Embraer Phenom 300 and 100, we know them all and are here to assist you.


Depending on your preferences, we remain available either 100% digitally or physically to provide solution to all your queries.


Our commercial department will support you in the creation and arrangement of the best adapted products for your individual aircraft or fleet. Our consulting service department can advise and inform you for your specific needs as an industry professional. We work with local, state and regional organisations and their regulators to adapt our solutions to evolving rules and regulations.

Our claims department help you in case of any concerns regarding your coverage.


What we ultimately do is provide aviation industry professionals with expertise and competence in our field of business so that we can let you focus on your strongpoint of making travel a safe and enjoyable journey.


We work for you and with you.


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