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We provide insurance solutions to helicopters whether on their base or on super yachts


Depending on your needs and requirements, our team, along with our insurance partners will offer dedicated solutions or products.

We currently insure aircraft from microlights, helicopters to long-haul private jets for their owners and or operators.

We work with OAM and MRO, airports, and authorities to package the most adapted solution along with our insurance partners. Should you need a contract update or a more advanced product we will find a solution at the best rate on the markets.

Our product offering covers, Aircraft Hull, Aircraft liability, Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shops coverage, Hangar, Pilots and passengers, charter and aircraft broker.

We will assist you in your needs from the begining of your project until the end.

Please see below a list of the most common private aviation insurance needs.




The hull insurance will cover your helicopter, private jet or turboprop aircraft in case of damage on the aircraft itself. It is based on the declared and agreed value of the asset.

Aircraft depreciation, that evaluates over time, can vary from a variety of parameters: its age, the type of aircraft (VIP Airliner, Ultra Long Range Jet, Long Range, Super Mid-size, Midsize, Super Large, Large, Super Light, Light, Very Light Jet), the location and even from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Air Courtage’s tools and team will assist you in defining the correct agreed value. 

In regard to aircraft in operation and in case of a total loss, the settlement will be based on whether an agreed value or the market value of the aircraft.  The cost of the premium will be set in relation with your requirements and needs.



Crew and their passengers should be covered by “the passenger liability insurance”.

Operators, handling agents (Fixed Based Operation) will also need a liability coverage.

The liability insurance will cover passengers and third parties. The liability limit will be set to be in accordance with regulations in force.



Aircraft Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) facility insurance will guarantee cost control and excellence in the commercial promotion of your work.


By nature, your activities combine a wide range of exposure, including liability to third parties, when one aircraft gets damaged while maintained in your facility.

Air Courtage can offer solutions  to cover your maintenance facilities (on site or remote).

Our maintenance insurance policies could cover:

  • Maintenance facility liability coverage

  • Hangar storage liability

  • Products and completed operations liability



Our enthusiastic team of aeronautical insurance professionals has all the expertise to support your repair facility insurance needs.



The complexity of all the activities related to an airport operation imposes an excellent insurance liability coverage that would include, worker compensation, environmental /pollution, aircraft movements, maintenance, passengers or freight aviation operations coverage.​

Air Courtage will provide comprehensive airport insurance solutions to support & cover the majority of the risks on your airport premises​.

Air Courtage can offer solutions for general liability coverage for Airport Owners, General Lessees and Tenants, including private tenants and Fixed Base Operators (FBO), on airport property for liabilities arising out of the ownership, maintenance or management of Airport Premises Operations.​

Ensuring your handling and/or airport is properly insured is complex. Air Courtage provides auditing and consulting  services to review and  assess  your risk exposure. Our dedicated team will come-up with the most adapted insurance solution from airport operation to aircraft parking or even Jet fuel (AvGas (100LL) / Jet A1 – Oil…) distribution. ​

Some of the coverage we can provide for Airport related risks : ​

- Premises Liability​,

- Products and Completed Operations Liability, ​

- Hangar/Parking Insurance​,

- Hangar Keeper’s Legal Liability​,

- Airport workforce​.



Air Courtage provides insurance solutions for private or commercial business jets and all the supporting industry experts, producers and suppliers.

Whether you are involved in the private aviation operations (operator - Crew), airport management, handling, catering, fueling, storage, supply or charter brokerage your insurance needs will vary. This is why relying on our expertise makes the difference. Our added value is to identify your exact needs and provide you with a dedicated solution.

In addition to aircraft (owner and operators), maintenance facilities and airport we do support the needs of Charter brokers, Catering producers and distributors, aeronautical consultant, Crew, Aircraft Fueler and part, paint, engine suppliers or original aircraft manufacturer.


The non-exhaustive product coverage that we can support you on are :

- Airport liability,

- Business interruption,

- Company liability,

- Cyber risks,

- Dealer cover,

- Environmental liability,

- Exhibition and or Organizer liability,

- Flight instructor liability,

- Flight simulator,

- Hangar content,

- Kidnap & Ransom,

- Loss of licence,

- Product and custody liability,

- Professional liability,

- Pilot/Passenger Seat coverage,

- For more information on our products and services, please click on the following link.


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